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Explorers really exist

Explorers really exist, they are not just in adventure stories!

Henry Worsley’s journey wasn’t foolhardy – it was tremendous!

In Antarctica, making the slightest mistake can put your life at risk. It is an unforgiving place. Colder than cold, bleak, a vast wasteland of iciness, its deadliness stretches for thousands of miles.

Countryfile Interview

BBC Countryfile recently interviewed Paul about his life, the Pennine Way, the great smell of sheep poo and why lessons should be taught outdoors.

Apex predator meets naked Essex man.

The air blew out of my lungs as an immense weight suddenly landed on my head, neck and left shoulder. In that instant I knew it was a polar bear.

Get Inspired: The Pennine Way

The Pennine Way is a new four part documentary series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the stunning Pennine Way, presented by polar adventurer and ocean diver Paul Rose.

Sunday Times Interview

The polar explorer and television presenter Paul Rose, 63, recalls living at the Rothera research station, in the Antarctic.

Seychelles News Agency Interview

National Geographic expedition leader rates Seychelles ocean, coral health among best in the world.

BBC Pennine Way

A new four-part series celebrating the 268-mile Pennine Way to mark the National Trail’s 50th anniversary.

Marine Biologist Interview

Going for it: Paul Rose talks about opportunities, communication and pristine seas

Travel Q & A with Paul Rose

Paul's work has taken him to some of the most extreme places on the planet, from the harsh environments of both poles, to the colourful surroundings of the tropics, & pretty much everywhere in-between.

Sunday Times interview

Fame & fortune: I swapped Fords for the fjords The explorer and TV presenter Paul Rose lives a bipolar existence: he is used to hardships but loves flying business class

Art From The True Ice Age by Paul Rose

Edward Wilson, who died with Scott on their return from the South Pole, was a brave explorer and an inspiring artist.

Sport Diver; Paul's Column

A celebration of a lifetime of diving every month in Paul's column in the largest diving magazine in Europe, Sport Diver.

The Sea and Me: Paul tells the Marine Conservation Society what the sea means to him

The Sea and Me: Paul tells the Marine Conservation Society what the sea means to him.

Paul featured in Rohantime

Paul's views on climate change, sustainability, science, exploration and diving featured in Rohantime.

Nature isn't a bottomless pit for our wastes

Paul talks climate change scepticism, being 'rubbish' at school and why there's more to the country's waters than people might think.

Lonely Planet Magazine Interview

Explorer and TV presenter Paul Rose talks space travel, whirled peas and goat’s brain curry.

Marine Society interview

Explorer, diver, sailor and TV presenter Raul Rose has spent over 40 years exploring the planet and its oceans, from the bottom of Lake Geneva to Antarctic volcanoes.

American Express Centurion Magazine interview

Paul reflects on a life of contrasts and how to measure luxury.

British Sub Aqua Club Interview

Britain's Secret Seas presenter and expedition leader Paul Rose is interviewed by BSAC

Diver Magazine interview

Paul has been a diver for 41 years. In this exclusive interview for Diver Magazine he talks about his favourite diving equipment.

Paul's interview for the Rolex Awards Journal 2010

In this interview for The Rolex Awards Journal, Paul Rose speaks of his hopes that the younger generation will take on traditional and new challenges.

Guardian Article: The new seeker

The spirit of adventure has taken Paul Rose from Antarctica to Everest. But, as he tells Leo Benedictus, there's still one place he'd do anything to see.

Shark Trust article

In search of sharks - the Oceans experience. In this article Paul describes his search for Six Gill sharks in the Straits of Messina and Hammerheads in the Red Sea.

Hemispheres Magazine Interview

The Life Aquatic; In this interview for Hemispheres Magazine Paul reveals his love of diving, for adventure and his passion for our oceans.

Earthwatch Oceans Interview

In this interview with Earthwatch, Paul reveals what started it all for him and why he is so determined for us all to learn, understand and protect our oceans.

Real Travel Magazine Interview

Paul talks about his passion for travel for Real Travel Magazine.